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The toy that brings together
parents and children from the distance.

SoDa report 2017

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The toy that reinforces the bond
between parents and children through the distance.

TAR is an

that moves hundreds of business people throughout Mexico, some have small children and each trip is difficult for both because they resent the distance and would like to be together.

We seek to create

an initiative to improve the travel experience of businessmen.

We create Snappy,

a toy that allows children to share their best moments with Dad.

It has a camera

that records short videos and sends them to an app.

Dad can watch
the videos

on his smartphone and respond to Snappy with a voice message.
A bright alert tells the child that a message has arrived.

We ship 15

to the most frequent travelers as part of a loyalty program, along with a round gift flight.

We design
the toy

through 3D printing.
A raspberry card enables all functions.
It has WiFi connectivity to connect to the app.

We receive requests

from more travelers to get the toy, which is planned to integrate the brand in the future.