Creditors of CONACYT's support for the third consecutive year

Through the support of the Innovation Stimulus Program developed by Conacyt, we have developed innovative projects based on technological and communication trends that bring a new vision to our clients and to the advertising industry.

Examples of projects developed with this initiative and recognized at various industry festivals are: Handy Park, Bark ID and Snappy.

Handy Park is a device that helps to take care of parking spaces reserved for disabled people by detecting if the cars that are parked in them have the permission, in another case the driver will be presented a warning and if they don’t comply, a fine will be printed on site.

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Bark ID is a platform that allows people to identify the emotions of their dogs through their barking.

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Snappy is a toy that reinforces communication between children and their parents when they are traveling, allowing the child to send video clips for dad to see them on his smartphone.

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With this, we intend to continue promoting the technological innovation applied in advertising to generate value to our customers and that the Mexican industry obtain global recognition for its excellence in creative work.

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