Our view of 6 years in the industry

We are celebrating six years of substantial, collateral and radical effects, all positive and inspiring. This is the anniversary not only of an agency that is dedicated to innovation, advertising and "making"; it is a collective dream launched in search of a new reality for brands.

Fernando Treviño, Director and Founding Partner of the agency, told us his perspective of our history, which has filled us with experience, learning and amazing people.

How was Mescalina born? It is born as the dream of doing chingona things in a chingona way, that excel at the international level; thought and made by Mexicans; that through technology facilitate the lives of people and maximize the experience or relationship between brands, products and people. - Exactly from there arises the mantra that I have stuck in my office: "Commitment leads to action, action brings your dream closer" -

How has the trip been during these 6 years? It has been difficult and satisfying. We have had very important achievements and learnings that have made us grow. Many people have joined, I'm almost sure that more than 100, and although not all remain, each one has left at least one pixel that contributes to our dream.

What is different from the first day of Mescalina? Maturity, growth, learning; the essence is exactly the same.

What do you consider the role that Mescaline plays in the industry? The vision we have is to be a national reference. When we started, many turned to see us and tried to copy our model oriented to innovation. Some have achieved it and others have stayed on the road; However, it is our responsibility to continue as references not only for the industry, but also for our customers.

What has been the most important learning experience? I have always said that triumphs are the biggest failures because I believe that all people must know how to handle successes, learn from them and know how to replicate or multiply them.

We are very proud of our history and willing to continue solving the creative challenges of our clients. We know that there is more way to go and we will continue doing it with love in every idea, pixel and code that we generate.




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