Excelerate, an experience of speed

Could you imagine all the excitement of speed?

Excelerate is brought by one of the most renowned brands in the country. It is a dynamic that came to Mexico from 2016, breaking the limits of speed and exploring new routes to alter our senses to the maximum.

What is it about?

Through a web app you must meet simple challenges, such as reading articles, watch videos or upload photographs, which will allow you to earn coins to access interactive games. These, give you points that add up and place you in a ranking of users so that you can access live unique experiences like Excelerate.

How to live it?

If you have the ability and the luck to be a finalist of these dynamics, you win the pass to one of the most exclusive parties in Mexico. If you also prove to be a winner and to be in the first place in the ranking of players on the platform, you get access to an incredible experience that will take you to enjoy Formula 1, as you would never have imagined it before.

Want to know more?

Go to neuland.mx and find out.




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