Infinium: The sensorial experiment that takes people to Prague

Once again we are surprised by Infinium, a promotion that consisted of registering on neuland.mx inviting friends to join, consuming video game content, notes, and images and completing different challenges to win the pass to a unique experience on the other side of the world, in Prague.

Infinium, which was active from October 2 to November 17, required the skills of 20 winners to participate in three different digital games that lived within the platform and that tested their ability on the keyboard of the computer or on the cell phone.

In addition, those who participated enjoyed three exciting seasons of audiovisual content; each one of them carried out by great international icons experts in taste, light and sound experiences.

This activation was Neulands third promotion of the year. Through three sensorial pillars (Sound Taste & Vision) it takes the winners to live incredible experiences in Europe, including VIP parties, events and exclusive, among others.

In Mescalina we are excited by promotions like this one, that elevates the senses to the limit and open the doors to a new reality.

Do you want to see more? Visit: https://neuland.mx




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