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"Mi Historia Cinépolis", is a website where the Cinépolis Club members can see their “movie story” during 2017. They receive a GIF in which they can discover their activity during the year: the genre of films they saw the most, what was their favorite candy product, the membership’s benefit they used the most, among other variables.

Every day, hundreds of moviegoers live extraordinary experiences, immerse themselves in the stories they see on the big screen and make them their own.

Inspired by all of these, Mescalina found a very original way to recognize partners as the protagonists of their own stories, telling them about the great transformation they experienced with their favorite releases and the good times they spent with their loved ones when using their Club Cinépolis card during 2017.

With this kind of actions, we believe that users will feel much more linked to the brand, will enjoy being an important part of the history of this and above all, will share in their networks the unique experience that we create for them, reaching many more people and generating a higher flow of affiliations.

This campaign was recently launched, through a mailing invitation to Club Cinépolis members. If you want to know your own story, go to: www.cinepolis.com/mi-historia-club-cinepolis.



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