We were at the SoDA Global Member Meeting

This week, we were at SoDa´s Global Member Meeting in Miami, an event that gathers partners and CEO´S  of the most recognized digital agencies of the world, in order to share experiences and perspectives about the current and future status of the industry.

On the table, different visions flowed around four central axes: new business models, training and retention of talent, marketing trends and financial operations.

In addition, we had the opportunity to lay the foundations together with the rest of the assisting agencies to define trends towards the future of advertising, concluding that the industry increasingly requires more integrated and organized structures.

For the second consecutive year of participating in this multicultural experience, we bring the knowledge, vision and level of demand that global work demands, which impels us to continue improving our work processes and the quality of our products.

With this, we confirm that we are on the right path, as we continue to generate work that is at the level of the most internationally recognized agencies, demonstrating that from Morelia we can contribute to the global strategic vision, as well as collaborate to shape the future of our industry.



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