We grow with our clients and the industry, important moments that we have built together are shared here.
  • We opened our mind to a new reality

    Mescalina y Sala de Arte unieron sus mentes para darle vida a un concepto único y poderoso.

  • Let's Celebrate with Pringles!

    We are delighted to be able to collaborate on a project that is part of its 50th anniversary

  • Voice and Substance: a mix of innovation

    we are excited about working with a client that share our values

  • we are creating beautiful realities with natura

    just opened our doors to an amazing Brazilian brand of cosmetics

  • Our view of 6 years in the industry

    Fernando Treviño, Director and Founding Partner of the agency, told us his perspective of our history, which has filled us with experience, learning and amazing people.

  • The show is about to start

    At the beginning of January, we started with a new account in Mescalina and we are very excited for the challenge that implies.

  • Artificial intelligence to sell more

    In 2018 the number of marketing professionals that will use Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to optimize and personalize advertising during the user's virtual sessions will increase.

  • cinépolis tells your story

    "My story Cinépolis", is a website where Club Cinépolis members can learn the information that fed their story during 2017.

  • Bark Tracker, the project that brings your dog back home

    In September 2017, Mexico suffered an earthquake that marked the lives of thousands of families due to human and material losses. In the middle of the chaos, thousands of pets left scared of their homes to seek shelter from danger or to try to find their owners. Many, never returned home.

  • Turning 360º Cinépolis reality

    In order to strengthen the relationship with our client Cinépolis, we launched an initiative in the Morelia’s enterprise through the Nikon 360 technology, which is better known as Halo Pixel.

  • Infinium: The sensorial experiment that takes people to Prague

    In Mescalina we are excited by the activations like this one, that elevates the senses to the limit and open the doors to a new reality.

  • Digital evolution: unavoidable, irrefutable and real

    New technologies will play a remarkable role because they will impact considerably in our lives in the following years.

  • Excelerate, an experience of speed

    Could you imagine all the excitement of speed?

  • Innovation with a taste of Mescalina

    Last week Mescalina participated in the Marketing & Innovation Summit held by the Business Republic Innovation Group in Mexico City.

  • We participated at FUSIONA 2017, in Huatulco

    At this event, we also presented Bark Tracker, a developing project that came to our hands after facing one of the shocked realitys in México: only 30% of the dogs of the dogs from the country have an owner.

  • SNICKERS® launches“El hambre-ómetro”

    The launch of the campaign took place on September 11th at the official website of this promotion.

  • Mescalina's daily dose

    I tried to find inspiration on the walls: "Love in each pixel and in each line" reads in one of them. I thought about the substance, the formula, the Mescaline, read our bible for the fifth time.


    In Mescalina, we are conquering that challenge: to integrate all our areas to this modality in orther to achieve small goals, until the final and major one is reached.

  • We shared our experience at the event Business in a digital world

    In recent days, we were at the event "Business in the Digital World" organized by COPARMEX Michoacán, that brought together several professionals of this area.

  • We were at the SoDA Global Member Meeting

    We were at the SoDA Global Member Meeting in Miami, an event that brings together the most recognized advertising agencies in the world. Find out what we live in this experience.

  • Campus Party 2017

    This year we attended another edition of the Campus Party in the city of Guadalajara. See what we learned on this experience.

  • SoDa report 2017

    SoDA Report is a publication that brings together research, thought leadership and case studies from some of the world's leading digital and technological innovation agencies.

  • Awwwards Conference 2017

    We have just returned from the Awwwards Conference 2017 and still continue with that creative inertia that left us the event. This was the most interesting, different and original things we saw.

  • Free The Bass

    Free The Bass, an experience that offered users a journey through sound.

  • The Mescalina VR Experience

    We develop a VR experience to welcome our new talents.

  • Tar in the Conque

    Our client TAR Airlines was sponsor of the largest comic book event in Mexico: La Conque.

  • Digital Trends workshop

    We prepare a workshop of digital and business trends to bring our projects to the forefront.

  • We launch the new TAR Airlines campaign

    “No pares de volar”, it is the new concept that speaks of the excitement of conquering the sky through the excellent service offered by the airline.

  • VR technology arrived to Mescalina

    We are already working on our first project with VR technology to keep the promise of innovation that we have with our customers.

  • Handy Park in Shortlist of the One Show

    This year our case, Handy Park, has been included in the shortlist of the category "Innovation in Print & Outdoor".

  • We went to the SXSW 2017

    During the previous week, part of our team attended the SXSW, an event that brings together the interactive, music and cinema industries in a week full of conferences, exhibitions and demonstrations of the latest innovation and technology trends in the category.

  • This is how we lived our fifth anniversary

    On February 11, we celebrated our 5th anniversary and we did it in a big way: we launched our new website, and held a workshop in which we presented the 2017-2019 strategy of the agency based on 5 Pillars to be strengthened.

  • Creditors of CONACYT's support for the third consecutive year

    Thanks to the PEI (Incentive Program for Innovation) awarded by Conacyt, we develop innovation projects with a great impact on the advertising industry.

  • Winners of the Silver Sun 2016 by Handy Park

    Thanks to our Handy Park project, we were awarded a Silver Sun in the 31st Edition of the Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication “El Sol”, in the Outdoor, Services and Institutions Sector category.

  • First Behance Portfolio Review Morelia

    In May we organized the First Behance Portfolio Review in Morelia, with the participation of 16 professionals from various branches of Design, among which, Tania Toledo won the first place.


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