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We like to work with brands that share our way of seeing the world.
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And this is the result of putting love in each pixel and in each line.
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The first device to take care of parking spaces reserved for disabled people.
The toy that reinforces the bond
between parents and children from distance.
The platform that allows you to identify the emotions of your dog through their barking.
Brand activation with digital-physical interaction.
Real Time Strategy in Social Networks.
A platform that counts the calories of Mexicans through mentions of junk food on Twitter.
An interactive exhibition that shows the reality of child labor in Latin America.
A platform to send flowers with an interactive message card.
Brand building strategy.
Digital campaign to motivate junior high school graduates to continue their studies.
A collection of condom boxes designed by Mexican plastic artists and chosen by its users.
Loyalty program and emailing strategy.
Playboy Condoms brand website.
Christmas Activation with augmented reality.

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The first device to take care of parking spaces reserved for disabled people.

In Mexico,

about 6 million people live with some kind of disability, our streets and urban spaces are not designed according to the specific needs of this segment and are not respected by other people.

The challenge was

to who people who do not respect these spaces, that the disabled are not a minority and influence the civic culture.

We created

a device capable of detecting and reporting cars that use parking spaces reserved for the disabled without the corresponding plates.

Several devices

were placed in strategic points of the city like universities and malls with the purpose of raising consciousness of the problem since the moment of its implementation.


The device has a sensor that detects when a car arrives and a camera that identifies the symbols of disabled.
The screen displays a message for drivers who do not have the plates to remove the car from the space, in case of not doing so it connects through WiFi with the database of the traffic department and issues a fine.


High media impact worldwide.

+5 million impressions on social media.
+ 90% positive sentiment.
Media presence in countries such as France, Thailand, Italy, Japan, Spain, among others.
Requests to implement Handy Park in other parts of the country.
Contributed to the improvement of the city's road culture.


The toy that reinforces the bond
between parents and children from distance.

TAR is an

that moves hundreds of business people through Mexico, some of them have small children and each trip is difficult for both because they resent the distance and would like to be together.

We created

an initiative to improve the travel experience of businessmen.

We created Snappy,

a toy that allows children to share their best moments with dad.

It has a camera

that records short videos and sends them to an app.

Dad can watch
the videos

on his smartphone and respond to Snappy with a voice message.
A bright alert tells the child that a message has arrived.

We shipped 15

to the most frequent travelers as part of a loyalty program, along with a round gift flight.

We designed
the toy

through 3D printing.
A raspberry card enables all functions.
It has WiFi connectivity to connect to the app.


We received requests from more travelers to get the toy, which is planned to be integrated to a brand program in the future.


The platform that allows you to identify the emotions of your dog through their barking.

For many pet owners,

it is important to know how their friend feels every moment of the day, especially when they are not with them.

We seek to keep

the owners connected and aware of how their pets are, no matter where they are.

We created a platform

capable of identifying the emotions of dogs so that their owners are aware of their well-being at all times, regardless of whether they are present or not.

We analyze and interpret

the sounds emitted by the dogs like howls, barks, among others to know more accurately the needs of the pets.

Bark ID is able to analyze,

interpret and inform the owners of the pets, how they feel at all times.


Brand activation with digital-physical interaction.

express their ideas,

opinions or feelings on twitter and sometimes they get lost in the timeline without having a transcendence, although sometimes they are important for them.

The challenge was

to generate an experience for users who express their desire to travel or have vacations on twitter and give them the possibility to actually do it.

We created Cloud Machine,

a platform that identifies words within the context of travel, holidays and vacation on twitter in order to detect users who are talking about the subject to generate an experience for them.

The tweets

activated a condensed smoke machine, to generate an artificial cloud in an enclosed space, the cloud was photographed and sent back to the user with a discount coupon to travel with TAR Airlines.

TAR was positioned

as a brand that generates innovative experiences through a surprising experience for people who wanted to travel and expressed it on twitter.


Real Time Strategy in Social Networks.

In April 2016

Condoms Prudence published a tweet using an original illustration of our brand, Playboy Condoms, that had been published a year ago.

The challenge was to react

to the plagiarism in a creative way that will generate notoriety for our brand.

We responded with a tweet

showing the plagiarism with the text "Los condones y el diseño solo se usan una vez" and mentioning Condones Prudence on twitter, which triggered the community conversation.

We created the trending topic

#CopioComoPrudence and responded by proposing a campaign to give condoms to HIV foundations in conjunction with the competition, which they declined by closing the conversation.

After Content War we got:

+15% increase in followers.

+150% increase in interactions.

+150% increase in reach.


A platform that counts the calories of Mexicans through mentions of junk food on Twitter.

Mexico ranks

seventh in the world in cases of diabetes, which is largely a result of bad eating habits that many people have and the worst is that they all share those habits in their social networks.

Remind users

that although it is okay to crave from time to time, it is important to have a good diet to prevent problems such as diabetes.

We designed
a website

that detects all the mentions related to junk food on Twitter and counts its calories to add up the consumption of the Mexicans who are sharing their food in social networks.


71,000 prospects identified on twitter (1 week).
19,000,000 calories counted.
Thousands of people aware of the causes.


An interactive exhibition that shows the reality of child labor in Latin America.

The Latin American

and Caribbean Regional Child Labor Free Initiative (an organization supported by the ILO, the OAS and Latin American governments) is working to eradicate the problem of child labor in the region by 2025.

To raise awareness

of the problem of child labor in Latin America in the 9th "Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor".

We designed an interactive

exhibition in which people could see various products of common use, but as they approached and viewed through a magnifying glass, they discovered the reality behind the production of these products.

How does it works?

We designed millimeter figures of children in work activities through 3D printing.

We place the figures on products of industries that employ infants.

On each structure was placed a magnifying glass, so that the figures could be appreciated.

The user had to approach to look through the magnifying glass to discover the figure and a relevant statistics on child exploitation.

The exhibition

was set up at the 9th "Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor" with a visit from leaders of Latin American governments who were able to appreciate the impacts of the problem through experience.


visitors to the physical exhibition.

+30,000 views for the video material.

Media coverage in Latin America.

Inclusion of the exhibition in the activities of awareness of the region, replicating itself in other countries of Latin America.


A platform to send flowers with an interactive message card.

Sending flowers

to express our feelings is common, but hardly all those emotions can be expressed in a small card.

Create a tool

that improves the experience of sending flowers and allows the user to express their feelings with it.

We created
"Code of Love",
a digital platform

that allows the user to make the purchase of flowers and record a video with a message to be sent on the card of the flower bouquet.

How does it work?

The user enters the site and chooses its flower bouquet.

The user records the video and make the order.

The platform prints a QR code on the card of the bouquet.

The code is scanned through the phone to view the video and receive the message.

100% increase

in sales after the launch of the campaign.

It generated visibility and positioning of Vio Flowers as one of the most innovative flower shops.


Brand building strategy.

TAR is a

which flies to 30 destinations in Mexico with more than 130 routes, serving the business travel category.

By 2016

we had to create a new brand concept that would strengthen its proposal of excellence in customer service.

We created
the concept

"An experience to be enjoyed" materializing the idea that travel should be enjoyed at all times, from ticket purchase to return home.

Through content

in social networks, we communicated the services of the airline and showed every moment of the experience, connecting with travelers.


In 1 year we achieved:

Increase of 60% of the audience in social network channels.

A monthly average reach of 200% above our community, demonstrating the shareability of our content.

An average monthly engagement rate above 12% (vs. 6% of industry).


Digital campaign to motivate junior high school graduates to continue their studies.

Junior high school graduates,

aspiring to public high schools in Mexico City, wanted to study in "prestige" options, saturating the educational demand and leaving aside the offer of other institutions.

Give relevance

to the less popular educational options proving that they are also quality options and motivate the aspirants to continue their studies even if they were not in their ideal school.

We showed young people

that high school is one of the best stages in their life through all the activities and moments they can enjoy regardless of the school in which they enter.

We used a Fan Page

to publicize the educational offer and to redirect traffic to the site and more specifically to the blog, which had articles to guide and motivate the aspirants.


In 9 months of campaign we achieved:


fans on Facebook.




visits to the site.


A collection of condom boxes designed by Mexican plastic artists and chosen by its users.

The Playboy Condoms package

consists of a round can with exclusive designs that are renewed at least 3 times a year according to seasonal collections.

The challenge was to create

the new collection of cans involving the users of Playboy.

We created Freexpression,

a collection co-created with the participation of Mexican users and plastic artists, which also supports the fight against HIV through the Aids for Aids Foundation conveying the importance of safe sex.

28 artists were summoned

to create unique designs. These designs were displayed on a website that allowed users to vote for their favorite. The 6 best voted designs were part of the limited edition.

The original 28 cans were auctioned as a piece of art to raise funds for the Aids for Aids association, rewarding with a trip to the playboy mansion at the highest auction of all.


In 2 months of campaign we achieved:

More than 300,000 pesos were raised for the Aids for AIDS Foundation.

500,000 media campaign impacts.

30,000 interactions in social networks.

40,000 visits to the site.

10,000 votes to the designs.


Loyalty program and emailing strategy.

Club Cinépolis is the
loyalty program,

with which partners earn points and access exclusive benefits. The CRM, segment the users according to their consumption, managing to establish different levels and to grant particular benefits.

Strengthen communication

with program members through a mailing strategy that keeps users informed of their benefits and fulfills particular objectives aligned with a comprehensive strategy.


· Increased attendance in cinema.
· Redemption of reported benefits.
· Increase of the current Open Rate.
· Activation of users of low consumption.

We redesigned their mailings,

implemented the best practices of UX and innovated through graphic content, guaranteeing their visibility in all the devices. We understood its segmentation, to personalize the contents according to the profiles and behaviors.


In a campaign year we achieved:

Open Rate Higher than 30% (5% above industry).

CTR average 15% (10% above industry).

Redemption of promotions and benefits of +3%.


Playboy Condoms brand website.

In 2015,
Playboy Condoms

was looking to renew its website to communicate its product line and generate sales through its online platform.

It sought to create

an experience that reflected the identity of the brand and materialize its innovative proposal.

We created a site

that takes advantage of the latest user experience trends and through animations, transitions and subtle details will take the user for an experience of pleasure and fun, showing all the products of the brand.


In just 3 months:

Improvement of the navigation time by 100%.

Decrease bounce rate by 15%.

Increase of 40% in visits to the products and store sections.


Christmas Activation with augmented reality.

Christmas is a time of giving

and sharing, and DHL wanted to remind its users that on these dates they can make their shipments with the best parcel of the world.

The challenge was to turn

an activation into terminal 2 of the International Airport of the CDMX in an extraordinary experience.

We developed a game

for iPad that through the camera, recognized the adornments in our Christmas tree and showed a surprise gift.

We invited users to play with the app:

they had to catch the most gifts hidden in the tree ornaments. When finished, they shared their result in social networks and received a gift of DHL.


In 15 days of campaign we achieved:

More than 1,000 entries.

More than 150 thousand users reached in RRSS.

About 250 thousand visual impacts at the point of activation.